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North Metro Companies Residential Landscaping
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North Metro Companies, LLC
2402 Hwy 55
Medina, MN 55340
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Residential Landscape Questionnaire

Creating Your Outdoor Living Room...

Our design team is very excited to have the opportunity to assist you in creating a landscape that will blend together your ideas, tastes, and needs and turn them into an outdoor extension of your home.

The design questionnaire serves as a tool to help you start imagining what your outdoor living space can become. Once you've submitted the questionnaire, you will be contacted by a designer to set up a consultation.

Name: *
Day Phone:
Cell Phone:
Email Address: *
Spouse/Partner's Name:
Day Phone:
Cell Phone:
Current Address: *
New Address(if applicable):
Landscape Budget $:
Is your project for an existing home or new construction?
 Existing Home
 New Construction
Do you have or do you plan on getting a Landscape Irrigation System?
What Style of Landscaping do you prefer for your yard?
 Mix (natural & formal)
How much maintenance do you want to provide?
Do you have Children or pets that may need a special space in the yard, such as play equipment, kennel, or a dog run?
Is there anything that you would like to screen from view?
Are you considering any Hardscaping Features, such as Retaining Walls, a Deck, Patio, Gazebo, Steps, or Pathway?
Are you considering any Water Features, such as a Pool, Hot Tub, Fountain or Water Garden?
Are you interested in having an Outdoor Cooking Area, Fireplace, or Firepit?
What types of mulch would you like to use in your planting beds?
 Rock types
 Both (wood & rock)
What type of Edging would you like to use?
 Black Poly Edging
 Metal Edging
 Natural Stone Edging
 Colorstone Edging (Inter-locking Concrete Product)
 Cobblestone Edging (small boulders)
 Natural Spade Edge
What are your favorite colors?
Would you like to attract birds and butterflies to your yard?
Would you like to create an Eco-Friendly environment by utilizing native plants and rain gardens?
Will you desire any space within the design for annual flowers or a vegetable garden?
Do exotic an unusual types of plants appeal to you?
Favorite Shade/Overstory Trees:
Favorite Evergreen Trees:
Favorite Ornamental Trees (small trees/some flower):
Favorite Flowering Shrubs:
Favorite Evergreen Shrubs:
Favorite Perennial Flowers:
Favorite Ornamental Grasses:
Please feel free to share any ideas you may have:
Please type the letters and numbers shown in the image.
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