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North Metro Companies Warranty
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North Metro Companies, LLC
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Warranty Information

Should you have any concerns regarding your project, we provide an excellent Warranty on both materials and workmanship. We will make every effort to handle your concerns in a professional and timely manner. Warranty Policy as follows:

Plant Material Warranty (Excluding Annual Flowers & Groundcovers)

We provide a One Year Warranty on all Plant Material that has been properly cared for. North Metro Companies, LLC does not warranty the plants against vandalism, natural disasters or neglect caused by the owner. North Metro Companies, LLC has a one time replacement policy on Trees, Shrubs, and Perennials.

Sod Warranty

Sod has a 30-Day Warranty period as long as proper watering practices have been maintained by the customer.

Hardscape Warranty

The materials used on our hardscaping projects are covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. The workmanship from North Metro Companies, LLC has a One Year Warranty. Discoloration of concrete based products is excluded from our warranty.

Irrigation Warranty

All of our irrigation parts have a Two-Year Warranty and our workmanship has a One-Year Warranty. The Irrigation Warranty is contingent upon proper start-up, winterization and maintenance of the system.

North Metro Companies, LLC is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service. Please contact us with any questions.

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